5 Benefits of Not Commenting on Blogs

Well you heard of people saying that one should comment on other blogs in order to get your blog noticed. But I have some different views. How about 5 benefits of not commenting on other’s blogs. Yes not commenting on other’s blogs can also be beneficial, let’s see how.

  1. You will save a lot of time not commenting on other blogs. Afterall why would a lazy person waste time on commenting on other’s blogs. Traffic is easy to get without doing anything, Am I right? 😀
  2. If you don’t comment on other’s blogs, you will save a lot of bandwidth on your webhost. You will get low traffic since your blog will not get noticed much and hence will save you much bandwidth and your webhost may even reward you with some perks for saving their servers. 😈
  3. If you don’t comment on other blogs, other people may not know about you. You will make less and less blogger friends which will save you from a headache when dealing with so many people online. You can spend your offline life better without bothering who wants to link to your site or who wants to give some link love to you out of friendship. So Happy Offline life by not commenting! 😉
  4. You will save further bandwidth as by not commenting you will never be featured on top commentors list of high traffic blogs like John Chow and will save lot of money also apart from bandwidth. 😈
  5. You can use all the extra time saved on loads of tasks like fighting with your neighbours settling petty issues and staring your empty blog which will get 10/10 for cleanliness of no comments and less traffic with Akismet logs showing ALL CLEAR. A job well done. 😎

So you see there are numerous benefits of not commenting on any blog and you were all wasting time just commenting on other’s blogs which only gave them benefit but you got nothing out of it all time. 😯 I am sure this post helped you a lot so why not comment here to share your feelings? What say? 😀


  1. I see that you will post benefits of not sharing blog posts too 😉

  2. Haha! All I will say is, I’m gonna do opposite of what you said… 😉

  3. I know we’re supposed to take the advice the other way around but I just can’t help but notice that #3 is actualy true – if you don’t worry about traffic, ad revenue and stuff like that ALL THE TIME your normal (offline) life will be a lot more enjoyable.

  4. yeah i think too but i like commenting to ur blog

  5. The idea of helping Google not to follows one more link sounds really funny. It’s like an act of charity 🙂 Vacation for Google!!!!!

  6. Nice idea.

    Let others comment your blog and don’t spend your time.
    This should start cultural revolution. We have to promote the idea to some new ones. Nobody should read books and papers. They are wasting our time.
    Nobody should surf Internet as there’s too much spam.
    Let all of us write our own blogs.

    P.S. Don’t you mind if I start my political career on that platform? 🙂

  7. Very well explained that why you need to comment.

    Fine post and will getting interaction with fellow bloggers is as important as blogging.

    suresh’s last blog post..SAP ABAP SYNTAX FOR BREAK-POINT

  8. Not commenting means you can keep all your smart remarks for your own unread blog.

  9. Not commenting means you can keep all your smart remarks for your own unread blog.

    I see you also did a useful post on promoting contests. I have a contest widget that includes most of the links you mention. If you or your readers have a contest, send it in and I will add it. If anyone installs it in their sidebar they get a PR5 link too. cheers.


  10. Lol, good one. And Jeba, those are some great additions 😆

  11. Here is the actual list:

    1) Not Commenting on others blog will save your energy as you have type less.
    2) Not commenting on others blog will help increase your keyboard’s life. Specially those angry comments can be really hard on keyboard.
    3) Not commenting on others blog can help you save electricity, you could have shutdown your PC instead of commenting.
    4) Not commenting on others blog will help your keep your comment area clean, more comment they make, frequent moderation in required.
    5) Not commenting on others blog will help Google , as it will not have to follow one more link. Saving precious server space, database space, server time, cpu time, bandwidth. 😎

  12. Very nice perspective. BTW, are you John Chow? 😈

    1. You made my day. :mrgreen: Even comparing me with john chow means a lot to me! 😀

  13. New here. Stumbled.

    You should add – Commenting increases your interaction with others, which means more of typing. That’s too much work.

  14. LOL, nice man. Stumbled you, hope you see some traffic because of it 😉

    1. Thanks Alan for the digg and stumble.

  15. This is not comment!

    1. Than what it is?? 😆

  16. Yes, I did little promotion. Yeah, sure I understood man why u wrote this – showing the truth the other may round. 😀

    1. It’s the best way to show the truth. People read this, laugh at those silly people and then go like “oh wait… but that’s exactly like me…”

  17. Hehe…Nice one…
    Actually I really liked your way of telling all this.
    Its based on reverse psychology 😎 … tell people what to do..and they will do opposite of it. (Thats human nature :mrgreen: )
    So going with human nature (cause I am not an alien) I will do opposite of what u said. (This comment is proof. hehe 😆 )

  18. 😆 Good one.

    1. But I hope you got the idea why I wrote such a post. BTW that’s your new site? Didn’t notice it.

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