4 years of Blogging


Now the post’s title is actually a bit surprising because even I am surprised that how almost 4 years have passed since I started writing here. Though I have written some odd 300+ posts only [Can’t say accurately because I have deleted lot many posts in recent days] which translates to roughly to 1-2 posts per week. Though I learnt a lot about blogging and gained lots of experience in these years but what I failed to do is the implementation part. Around 2.5 year back I wrote a post about goals for Nspeaks to achieve in 2009. Its 2011 now and if I go through those goals, I have hardly fulfilled a single goal out of them. 2.5 years and simplest goals yet not achieved. Its pathetic.

Why I am writing this post? This post has no such purpose and there are still 2 months left for 4 years to complete. Just wanted to tell that how easy it is to get distracted from your goals and from blogging seriously. And its not the usual distractions which I once talked about. Its when you start taking your blog lightly. Its when you start neglecting your blog. Its when you don’t care about the people who visit your blog.

Going back through all these years, I have made so many mistakes here. To name a few like changing my themes constantly. I have now lost count of how many themes I have kept here. Sorry for that but this time I will make sure I don’t change this theme atleast for the coming year. There were many more mistakes like not replying to commenters on time, changing ad spots locations frequently and making changes/tweaks year around. Sometimes the changes were drastic to put off new visitors. At times, I made changes to the live site which used to break it.

So now what? Well I want to give my full energy once again here. And I have started the process also. I have removed some 30-40 posts in last few days which were totally useless, had broken links or were about services/products that don’t work anymore or in general were low quality posts. This was done to clean out the junk from the blog and also because of the recent Panda update by Google. Theme is a fresh one and is actually Twenty Ten’s Child theme – Magnitude. I will also be showcasing some of my better written posts in sidebar to increase the pageviews and to decrease the bounce rate which is still around 70%. And yes the most important, will be posting new posts regularly here. Hopefully, this time I will achieve those goals which I had set long time back and yet to fulfill.

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