If you have ever used a Xiaomi Device, you would know it comes with its own implementation of Android known as MIUI. On the paper, it looks powerful and has lots of improvements and features that someone might like. But over the years it has bloated and become a huge Ad serving OS with Ads coming from each of its native apps. How to Disable Ads in MIUI Apps is a great guide that can help you disable some of that nuisance.

Install Nginx, PHP 7.2, MariaDB on Windows

UPDATE: 23 February, 2020 – Fixed a Lot of missing instructions and errors including commands to restart services. There is an abundance of tutorials in case you want to install nginx, PHP and MariaDB on Linux but when it comes to installing these tools on Windows, tutorials are either outdated or scattered. Anyway, let’s see… Continue reading Install Nginx, PHP 7.2, MariaDB on Windows