Twitter now allows you to get DMs from your followers without following back

Spotted this a few minutes back. This is a good move from Twitter. You don’t need to follow back anyone to receive DMs. This takes out the mandatory followback requirement to chat with someone out. Though that user needs to follow you first to send DM. That requirement hasn’t changed.¬†Although this is a global option…

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I stopped using tags on this blog for the reason they were too much and not really relevant or helpful. Am giving them a try again and see if I can manage them better now. They might remain or might go depending on how well I can work with them. Wish me luck.

WordPress 3.6 has been released. Also WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 will be released in the coming year itself with 3.8 sporting a new default theme – Twenty Fourteen which will be based on Further Theme. You can check its demo to see how it will look like when it comes eventually in December, 2013. has made a big change in how they make their free themes available to the self hosted blogs. Earlier some of the themes were made available on the theme directory or via the author’s sites. But now is hosting all the free themes at their own site. Not only this, the themes you will download from can be updated via dashboard. So head now to their free themes library to download and use any of those themes on your self hosted blogs.

How to reference files properly in parent/child themes?

Child theme is arguably the best thing that happened to WordPress themes. But still I see many people who create a child theme incorrectly use wordpress functions to refer to the images and stylesheets which result in broken urls. WordPress provides four functions to refer to the different files inside parent and child themes: get_template_directory(),…