Google Sitelinks for NSpeaks

Though I have lost interest on how much NSpeaks is ranking at various places but yesterday I was answering somebody about Sitelinks and then I checked Google Webmasters Tools. I was surprised to see that NSpeaks has now 8 sitelinks. Here’s the screenshot:   Sitelinks is a feature where Google discovers some helpful links about… Continue reading Google Sitelinks for NSpeaks

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WordPress 2.8.5 Released

WordPress 2.8.5 has been released. Termed as Hardening Release, this version fixes a critical exploit related to Trackback type Attacks which happened on several blogs recently. Hackers tried to overload the server by sending multiple requests via Trackbacks. So its recommended that you upgrade your blogs immediately. There are several other bug fixes apart from… Continue reading WordPress 2.8.5 Released

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Top 5 Reasons not to use Fantastico for Installing WordPress

I see lot of friends and bloggers using and recommending Fantastico for installing WordPress or any other script as its easy and takes only few clicks without even the need to upload any file or make databases. Well I always am against the idea of using Fantastico for installing WordPress or other scripts. There are… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons not to use Fantastico for Installing WordPress