Are you prepared for Blog Tragedy – Backup Now?

(Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.) Tragedy can occur anytime. Its uncalled for and unwanted too! Recently I saw two blogs suffering tragedies. One was and other one was Former one suffered at the hands of inefficient server management team and… Continue reading Are you prepared for Blog Tragedy – Backup Now?

Threading Comments now easier

Earlier I found it too difficult to handle threaded comments on my blog. But now it seems, we have lot more options than only 2 plugins earlier. And the new plugins are extremely simple requiring no template edits. Brian also updated his plugin for WordPress 2.5 and fixed some bugs but still is very difficult… Continue reading Threading Comments now easier

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Defensio is tiring me

Yeah, I am sick and tired of using Defensio Anti-spam Plugin on my blog. Launched with great hype, Defensio promised to be a good alternative to Akismet. It also included most desirable feature not found in Akismet(even now) – Collapsable Comments. It was awesome feature and I always wondered, why Akismet does not come up… Continue reading Defensio is tiring me

Windows Live Writer – Best Desktop Blogging Client

Want to save time logging into wordpress dashboard every time you need to write a new post? Windows Live Writer is arguably the best Desktop Blogging Client according to me. It saves you lot of time and also offers maximum features available to any desktop blogging client. What’s more – it even supports WordPress 2.3… Continue reading Windows Live Writer – Best Desktop Blogging Client

Living a longer life for a change

Again a strange post on a blog which talks about blogging. Well W Revenue dot Com blog posted a interesting article related to a reasearch on age longevity. Reasearch concentrates on longifying your age so that you can live indefinitely. According to it not many people are happy with this reasearch for the following reasons:… Continue reading Living a longer life for a change

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Plugin Friday Series Started

Another series posts starts today at NSpeaks called Plugin Friday. Every Friday a new wordpress plugin will be reviewed here. Today’s plugin in question is MyFTP. This is one of my favorite new plugins. One of the biggest frustration I face is uploading of files because I have to minimise already heavy Firefox browser and… Continue reading Plugin Friday Series Started

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