Hide any Category or Asides from Main Content of k2 theme

k2 theme provides inbuilt option for selecting your asides category and displaying posts from it using K2 sidebar manager. But recently, k2 does not exclude posts from asides in main content pages. That means apart from displaying asides posts in sidebar, it keeps on displaying them on homepage too! This mean duplicate content on both… Continue reading Hide any Category or Asides from Main Content of k2 theme

WordPress 2.6 RC1 Released

WordPress is progressing rapidly into 2.6.x series with release of 2.6 RC1 version yesterday. WordPress 2.6 promises lots of new features and improvements over 2.5 series. One bug it will fix is number of comments display which I even posted as a ticket at WordPress Trac. There are lot more features coming to WordPress 2.6… Continue reading WordPress 2.6 RC1 Released

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WordPress on iPhone Soon

Yes, WordPress can soon be used as an application on Apple’s iPhone Soon. WordPress is developing a app for iPhone which it plans to release soon. It will be compatible with both WordPress.com and WordPress.org(self hosted blogs). Below are few screenshots which were released by Automattic:

Display current song of Winamp in Yahoo! Messenger 9

After Yahoo! Messenger 9 and Winamp 5, nearly all plugins listed on winamp.com claiming to display song status in Yahoo! Messenger were useless. None of them worked and even a google search became useless with all old plugins coming to picture. But not now. I have finally managed to find a plugin which works with… Continue reading Display current song of Winamp in Yahoo! Messenger 9

Identifying Spam Comments

Identifying real spam comments is getting tougher day by day. I mean seriously, from last few days, I have received only spam comments and the real pain is that I can’t decide whether to approve them, delete them or mark them as spam because the commentors are humans not bots and maybe somewhere down the… Continue reading Identifying Spam Comments

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