WordPress 2.7 Checklist

WordPress 2.7 beta 2 is already out. And WordPress 2.7 is very much near the corner. Have you prepared what changes will you need before switching to WordPress 2.7? Have you checked whether all plugins you are using will be supported in 2.7 or not. Have you checked what all new features will WordPress 2.7… Continue reading WordPress 2.7 Checklist

Get a WordPress Based Job Site

You have seen people go at great lengths to create more monetisation opportunities. One such opportunity is to have a Job Board Software. After tasting success by Darren Rowse at his Job Boards, number of blogs came out with their Job Boards including GigaOM, TechCrunch, Smashing Magazine and even WordPress. Suddenly the job boards market… Continue reading Get a WordPress Based Job Site

NSpeaks v5.0 is Live

Yeah this is the fifth theme change at NSpeaks in last 1.5 years. The theme is live for you to see. Hope you like the theme. As you can notice, this theme has focus on subscription, monetisation and showcasing lots of content on homepage. Hope this theme will be able to tackle the problem of… Continue reading NSpeaks v5.0 is Live

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A New Design Soon

I am planning to get a new design for this blog. This new design is to give myself some motivation. Currently When I check my google analytics statistics, bounce rate for my blog is too high. And the probable reason is that users don’t get to see many posts on this blog and miss too… Continue reading A New Design Soon

100 Followers on Twitter

Wow…I finally broke the record of 100 Followers on Twitter. If you want to say what’s great about it, Wait then. Twitter is a essential tool for new bloggers to get connected and find like minded people. It can be a great networking tool. One of my friend has dumped all IM activities and jumped… Continue reading 100 Followers on Twitter