WordPress 2.6.3 Released

For those people who miss important news from their wordpress dashboard, comes another upgrade from WordPress. WordPress has been upgraded to 2.6.3. This release is a pure security release and you may not even need to do the complete upgrade procedure here. Just copy the following two files into your wp-includes folder in your wordpress…

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Adsense for feeds is buggy

Just for gaining some extra moolah, lots of publishers jumped from Feedburner to Google System for their feeds in order to test the new system. Though Everything remained same but seems Google has not been able to iron out the bugs even now. Almost Daily huge fluctuations occur in our feed counts. Imagine this that…

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Blog Action Day – Let’s Unite

Today is Blog Action Day – a day when bloggers unite for spreading awareness about a particular issue. And today’s issue is about Poverty. Its a issue that’s common among all countries in the world and yet we still don’t understand the importance of it. In today’s world richer is getting richer and poor is…

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IndoContest Review

This is a review which IndoContest won from me at a contest held at ViralBlogAds. So here goes the winning review. I knew IndoContest even before this contest was held. But Since I am greedy a bit, so didn’t care to review it for free until it won the review fairly and squarely! IndoContest is…

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Blogging from Mobile

As promised from my mobi post, I am going to tell you how to post to your blog from your mobile. Most of you may know about it but this post is for those who still don’t. BTW If you own a Sony Ericsson phone like me then it may already support Blogging feature but…