Tantan WordPress Reports Plugin Fix

Some of you might be using Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports plugin for WordPress by Tantan. Recently Google Analytics made some changes in the code and this plugin started showing wrong and distorted graphics. Check the Source for the issue fix.

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How to Advertise on John Chow, Shoemoney and John Cow for free

Yes, there is a new advertising option available for your blog and that too 125X125 free banner on popular blogs like JohnChow, JohnCow, Shoemoney and TylerCruz. I am talking of EntreCard, a venture started by Graham Langdon of Million Dollar Wiki Fame. It is a very unique and interesting concept of getting your 125X125 banner…

Google, I surrender before you

Today I realised that Pagerank of NSpeaks has again gone back to zero down from four. OMG, NSpeaks has been penalised. 😯 I am still not able to find for what offence I have been penalised. So I tried some damage control measures. Removed 2 posts which were related to paid posting. Remove pagerank information…

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