MSN Webmaster Portal coming soon

Google is doing a fantastic job with Webmaster Tools and now MSN wants to jump in this too. Today MSN announced Webmaster Portal. If you remember around March MSN took the link: command offline. Now through Webmaster Portal MSN is bringing it back. Webmaster Portals will have all tools related to Live Search and SEO.…

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Robots.txt is not enough for combatting Supplemental Results

Why am I discussing this now? Google may have dropped Supplemental index tag but that does not mean we should stop worrying about them. I used robots.txt in hope that my blog will never appear in supplemental results but almost more than 50% of my pages reached supplemental results. I am using robots.txt from day…

Easiest Way to Secure your WordPress Admin

There are lot of ways to secure your wordpress Administration Panel which includes .htaccess blocking, Banning several Ips, using SSL for admin login and various other techniques. These techniques are advanced and require time and knowledge to implement. There is a very simple trick which can safeguard your WordPress Administration Panel. Ok, the tip which…

PencilMation – A new form of animation

Just found a new type of animation on the web called PencilMation. Its a type of animation where characters are drawn using pencil and animation appears on a normal paper. It is cool. You can check some cool animations on Pencilmation. ScreenShots:

Saying No to Threaded Comments

Yes I finally said no to threaded comments. It was getting a pain to tweak the themes using Threaded Comments plugins. Earlier I thought only brian’s threaded comments was difficult to configure but then I found YATCP also a bit difficult to work with since its latest version 0.5 I can’t hide trackbacks at all…

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