100 Followers on Twitter

Wow…I finally broke the record of 100 Followers on Twitter. If you want to say what’s great about it, Wait then. Twitter is a essential tool for new bloggers to get connected and find like minded people. It can be a great networking tool. One of my friend has dumped all IM activities and jumped on to Twitter. Messenger can be a lot distracting and chats exceed too much sometimes.

On Twitter…with that word limit and limited API usage(if you use a 3rd party tool) forces you to talk to the point and straight forward. You directly want crisp information and talk to the point. No discussions abt girlfriends and chats which can make you forget important tasks. Plus since there are so many tools which can post updates to your twitter profile using a feed – so it works as a good feed reader. Plus you can also get breaking news from across your niche.

So if you can read updates, get news, connect with friends, share information and be in touch without the chat and crap talk – Why not use Twitter instead of so many tools. Plus you can do everything from mobile too if you are in one of the supporting countries.

So Start Twittering.

And do follow me on Twitter. Updates from this blog and my Contest blog reach on my profile!