10 Unusual WordPress Widget Plugins

[tweetmeme]There are thousands of useful plugins for WordPress which you may come across but there are some unusual plugins for WordPress. I am listing 10 such unusual wordpress plugins especially which work as sidebar widgets.

  1. FaceThumb – This plugin allows visitors to take a snapshot of themselves with their webcams and upload it to the blog and blog stores all uploaded thumbnails on a page.
    FaceThumb in Sidebar
  2. FreeLance Status – This plugin can show your freelance status in sidebar to show whether you are available or not. This plugin is unusual since one can use a simple text widget for it.
    FreeLance Status in Sidebar
  3. Men Quotes on Women – This plugin will show random quotes from men about women.
    Men Quotes on Women
  4. Women Quotes – And if you think that women are left behind, you are wrong. Here is women version of Men Quotes plugin.
    Women Quotes
  5. Mood Personalizer – This plugin lets you show your mood in your blog’s sidebar.
    Mood Personaliser
  6. Dave’s Whizmatronic Widgulating Calibrational Scribometer – This plugin lets you post your progress towards a goal and show it up in sidebar.
  7. Tagnetic Poetry – You must have seen lot of Tag Cloud plugins but this one takes the cake. This shows Tags in a cool visual poetic format. You can even drag the tags to connect words to make a sentence. It uses Flash to display both tags and categories.
    Tagnetic Poetry
  8. My Worst Posts – You may have come across plugins to show popular posts or top posts. But what about your worst posts? This plugin lets you share your worst posts or least commented posts. Maybe someone’s interested. Don’t worry if it says compatible upto 2.1, it works on latest wordpress too.
    My Worst Posts
  9. Wordics: Page Summary – This plugin generates a tag cloud from some specific words on a page. This plugin can particulary help you if you want to visualise how search engines see your blog and what words are being considered important on a page.
    Wordics: Page Summary
  10. TwitterFountain – Generates a visual cool flash show containing tweets about a certain topic with background photos from Flickr about a specified category. Just specifiy category for Tweets and Flickr and see its cool effects. It can also be used on any site apart from WordPress – visit TwitterFountain for details.