NSpeaks is number 1 at Technorati

Yikes, I should mind my language but that’s the truth. Check yourself at Technorati. You must be wondering howcome a blog just 1 month old, without any PR and a low alexa rank be in Technorati’s top 100.

Just check the screenshot I just took:

Nspeaks.com on Technorati Number 1

What’s the Reality?

Well reality is that its technorati’s fault. All blogs on Technorati are number 1. So take your screenshot before it gets too late and brag about it. :twisted:

15 thoughts on “NSpeaks is number 1 at Technorati”

  1. I didn’t get the screenshot either. Maybe, someday we’ll all be in the same category as “Boing Boing”. That is something to strive for..

  2. I got my screenshot. I’m thinking of printing it out and framing it. :lol:

    By the way, I moderate my comments also. :wink: Most blogs do. Your place looks nice.

  3. Geez, I missed it too. OK better luck next time…. Now I gonna check technorati more often. :mrgreen:

    Nice find Navjot Bhai.

  4. AdBrite had a similar blunder yesterday – there were sites which had price of $0 for one week’s ads.

    1. Sorry but there was no other choice. This works much better than any comment anti-spam method. Afterall computers have 0 IQ. :razz:

      1. There is always a better choice, my friend.
        Your comment wasn’t put on the moderation queue in my weblog ;)

  5. Too late…
    They had some problems with the rank update but now it seams to be fixed.
    Damn, I missed it :sad:

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