List fonts used in a PSD file

The commonmost problem I face whenever I buy new designs is that sometimes I need to know all the fonts that were used to make the PSD file. Sometimes Photoshop popups a ugly message saying some fonts are missing and it has no inbuilt method to tell you which font was used. So how to tell which fonts are needed?

There is a crude method to put type tool to every text in the PSD and check on which text it says missing font. That is a bit unprofessional method and does not work if you have large amount of text in design.

Second method is to use a Javascript. Oh No, don’t panic, this is not complex and you don’t even need to know Javascript because its a readymade script available.

Download the Script

Now in photoshop, go to File>>Scripts>>Browse and now locate the folder which contains the font.jsx file. And after selecting the script file, click Load.

Now it will ask for location of the folder which contains the PSD for which you want to know the fonts of. After then click Ok and then wait for some time. Don’t click anywhere in PS for the time being. After sometime, you will notice a file named fonts.txt in the same folder which contained the PSD file. The text file will contain the list of all fonts used in the PSD file.

Script Courtsey: Photoshop Scripting Community

Easier Method for Photoshop CS4 and above

Missing Fonts in a PSD File

Photoshop CS4 and later offers an easier method of finding the missing fonts. Open the PSD file and then go to the character panel and click on the font dropdown. The missing font names will be listed at the bottom of the list in grayed out fashion.

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  1. Tried it in CS5. The other “easier” option does not work for me. We use Universal Type Server and I suspect the plug in does not grey out the missing fonts as mentioned. The Error I received was:
    Error 21: undefined is not an object.
    Line 88
    -> if (this.toString().search(RegExp(“(?:^|,)” + obj.toString() + “(?:$|,)”)) == -1 this.push(obj);

    Would love to get the script working for me.

  2. Here’s a far easier method: go to the Character panel, click the font family drop down – at the end will be a list of missing fonts, greyed out and in brackets :)

    Tested in CS4.

      1. Yes, but when i have a lot of files? The idea is use a script for that, like psd script.

  3. Thank You!!!! I was doing it the hard way (comparing each font)–very long process–lol—this was perfect…took less than 30 secs. to tell me the fonts:) yaaahhh:):):)

  4. Just finished listing fonts in over 30 cards I’ve completed for my client. I am using Photoshop CS4, and though some font were not installed on the Mac, that was running the script — all went well. This is really useful script! Thank you for the article.

  5. This script is awesome, not only does it announce all the fonts but tells you specifically which file they are, It also works in CS5 perfectly.

  6. My muddaboard crashed, and after backing up and reinstalling I thought I was fucked- but thanks to your script I have saved so much time!

    And as far as CS4 telling me the fonts that are missing, I guess mine is special:)

    Thanks for a great script!

  7. I tested it on CS5. It’s still working. Very very useful script!!!! I love it <3

  8. I tried to use this in CS3 and it had an error.

    Error 1200: Internal error
    Line 77
    -> function_ftn(doc, layer) {

    Would love to use it if it worked!

  9. This seems really handy. I’ll have to remember this.
    However, Photoshop CS4 now announces the fonts that aren’t open when you open a file.

  10. Very nice script. Would've been a nightmare to use the crude way of finding all my fonts on this last design! Scared me there for a second when it hanged, but it did work and flawlessly B-)

  11. What could be the reason for this error message:
    “Error 8500: The requested property doe not exist.
    Line: 100
    -> var font = textStyle.getString(charIDToTypeID(“FntN”));

    Looks like a very useful tool if I can get it to work – thanks

  12. Seems like a great find! I’m running the script right now on a rather large (25MB) .PSD in PhotoShop CS3 – and it’s so far taking about :10 minutes with no result. I’ll check back in a bit and let you know if the script ran successfully or not.

    1. It may take long time for big file but ultimate result is successful. I have tried it myself on many PSD files.

  13. Works great today on CS4.

    Why the hell doesn’t Photoshop have a font lister like this built-in?

    1. Can’t say about CS2 But I am using CS4 and it worked on it. Just need to have patience…your Photoshop may look like being hanged. Also make sure, the psd resides in a folder which does not have any subfolders. If the folder have too many subfolders, it will try to search in them too making the process longer.

  14. Wow dude, thanks so much. 10 years of using this program, and now, just now, I get a font lister. Sweet!

  15. Thanks for the script! It worked for me!

    One thing to note… it seems to do a recursive search for all PSD images in the selected folder and all sub-folders… so keep that in mind and be sure the PSD to search is in a folder without a bunch of other PSD files or folders with PSD files…

  16. I don’t think there is such a option in PS. I wish Photoshop give more importance to PSD fonts and introduce more features related to it.

  17. Thanks for the trick but i would like to know if there is any option in photoshop where you can save a PSD file and it automatically saves the fonts used in that PSD. I’ve seen such an option in Corel Draw where you prepare a document for print and it includes all the fonts with that document.

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